Диализные мембраны Spectra/Por

Диализные мембраны Spectra/Por

Для диализа, концентрирования и ультрафильтрации при лабораторных исследованиях.

MWCO от 1000 до 60000

Диаметр от 3,8 до 63,7мм

SnakeSkin Pleated Dialysis Tubing, MWCO 3500 to 10000, Pierce Chemical

Simplifies dialysis of sample volumes between 15mL and 100mL. Tubing is made of regenerated cellulose manufactured by the viscose process, which is then pleated/compressed into a hollow stick. Pleated format makes tubing easy to open and use. Performance is similar to that of traditional dry, flat tubing.

To use, simply pull out the required length, cut, and apply closure to either end. Add the sample directly to the other end of the dry tubing, then apply another closure. Saves considerable time over flat tubing.

Ordering Information: Supplied in 8" sticks containing 35 feet of 22mm I.D. tubing, which is equivalent to 10.5 meters of 34mm dry flat width tubing. Hydrated tubing will hold approximately 3.7mL sample per centimeter of length



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